Monday, October 8, 2012

Don't sleep on Target Girl!

I have not been to Target in FOREVER! & I don't know why. I used to shop for clothes there all the time. Well anyway, I went the other day and found some of THEE CUTEST items for fall, and I'm super excited to share them with you.
So how adorable is this faux leopard print coat?! I love it because of the cut and quality! Its so easy to look cheap in leopard fur if it is not of good quality, but this hit the nail on the head! I also love the bishop collar and the blazer like setting of the buttons. Super stylish and fitted cut allows for you to rock fur without looking like an overstuffed Rick Ross LOL. I also LOVVVEDD these faux leather shorts! I had to leave them in the store because the inseam didnt allow for all the junk in my trunk, and as you can see, I'm rocking the toe (yuck) but they are cute for my less curvatious divas non-the-less. 

I #died when I saw this fan  ring! SO expensive looking to be at target.. don't sleep ladies!

I LOVE these snake print pointed pumps. Crazy story about these-I had these in my cart to buy ON CLEARANCE FOR ONLY $14, however they did not have a tag on them so I grabbed a smaller size to take to the register for the cashier to scan.  I gave her both pairs of shoes and she said to me "well you obviously want the ones without the tag on them right?" Yes..I said..Long story short, I got home and was very upset to find the wrong size in my bag. :( When I went back target the next morning to exchange them, they were all gone. Super sad :( but anyway, pointed toed shoes are a huge trend coming up for fall. I'll be posting more on this style in the coming weeks!

What have you ladies grabbed from Targ├ęt lately?