Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cajun Tilapia Recipe

I posted this picture on my instagram and was asked if I could share the recipe to this simple dish! I was inspired by this recipe from however I made a few changes to make it healthier and accommodate what I had in the fridge already! So here it is- my Cajun Tilapia Recipe! 

What you need:

Four Pieces of Boneless Tilapia
Butter or Olive oil for cooking

Cajun Seasoning
1/4 cup Paprika
1 tbsp lemon pepper
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp onion powder
1tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp black pepper
a pinch of lawry's seasoning salt

Cream Reduction
1/2 Cup Fresh Spinach
1/2 Cup Sliced Fresh Mushrooms
1 tsp Fresh Garlic
1/4 cup chopped onion
1 Can of Cream of mushroom soup
1/4 cup of evaporated milk
1 dallop of light cream cheese
Water or stock to be used as a thinner, as needed
Optional: Shrimp or Sausage

    1. Preheat  two large skillets with a generous amount of butter or olive oil.
    2. In one skillet, add mushrooms, garlic, onion and spinach and cook on medium heat until onions are translucent.

    3. Combine all ingredients for the cajun seasoning in a flat dish and coat both sides of fish with the mixture. DO Not discard the left over seasoning, it will be used for your reduction.

    4. Drop the fish into the preheated pan and cook on medium/low heat about 4 minutes on each side. Be sure to watch carefully! Tilapia cooks fast!
    5. In your veggie skillet, reduce heat and  add cream of mushroom, evaporated milk and cream cheese and remaining cajun seasoning. Stir consistently until mixture becomes creamy. 
    6. The sauce will thicken, use water or broth to reach constancy of your choice while continuing to stir.
    7. Add shrimp or sausage (I used  turkey sausage) to your reduction and allow to simmer until meat is cooked. Continue to stir.

    To serve. Place tilapia on serving dish and drizzle reduction on top of the fish. Suggested sides are cajun rice, red beans and rice, or mashed potatoes with green beans or asparagus.


    Monday, October 22, 2012

    Color blocking OOTD

    Am I the only person that picks an accessory to wear for the day then coordinates an entire outfit around that accessory?! Backwards, I know, but believe it or not that's how I coordinate most of my outfits. I am an accessory queen!

    Needless to say, today's outfit inspiration came from a must-wear accessory! I was running to a quick meeting and I didn't feel like flat ironing my hair, so I opted to wear a vintage scarf from my online boutique. This scarf is one of my personal DVD because it has soooo many colors to work with, making outfit possibilities endless.

    I chose bright red skinny jeans from F21 paired with a heather grey sheer sweater I picked up from Burlington Coat Factory. I like the contrast of brights and neutrals in color blocking--it gives a sense of balance to the outfit. I added another level of color blocking with a solid cobalt blue purse from old navy.

    My gold cage earrings are from Burlington, my bangle is from Authurs in Atlanta, Ga and my glasses are from a little shop in Chicago,IL.

    How do you rock the color blocking trend?

    Saturday, October 13, 2012

    A little inspiration

    Good morning IG! We are all guilty of being hard on ourselves when we make a mistake, but it is our mistakes that shape our experiences in life and make us wiser and stronger!! Stop pressing the rewind button on your decisions! Live with the choices you made and decide within yourself that everything is for the betterment of YOU! :)

    Thursday, October 11, 2012

    OOTN 10/11/12

    I was invited to attend the Jose Cuervo Tradicional Mural Project in the artistic Wynwood area. If you are familiar with Wynwood in Miami, you will know its a hip scene full of roof to concrete paintings and murals, tons of artisy shops, galleries and the whimsical crowd of Miami. Having fallen into that crowd myself, I felt no reservation about pulling out a daring combination for this event.

    I wore a solid black bodycon from target, which by the way is my go-to black dress and one of my favorite basics in my closet. I paired the dress with one of my favorite vintage blazers from my boutique and rocked hot pink skimmers from H&M. I kept the accessories basic with white and silver earrings and matching pandora's box and white framed glasses. My night was great and I had just as much fun attending the event as styling my outfit!

    Monday, October 8, 2012

    Don't sleep on Target Girl!

    I have not been to Target in FOREVER! & I don't know why. I used to shop for clothes there all the time. Well anyway, I went the other day and found some of THEE CUTEST items for fall, and I'm super excited to share them with you.
    So how adorable is this faux leopard print coat?! I love it because of the cut and quality! Its so easy to look cheap in leopard fur if it is not of good quality, but this hit the nail on the head! I also love the bishop collar and the blazer like setting of the buttons. Super stylish and fitted cut allows for you to rock fur without looking like an overstuffed Rick Ross LOL. I also LOVVVEDD these faux leather shorts! I had to leave them in the store because the inseam didnt allow for all the junk in my trunk, and as you can see, I'm rocking the toe (yuck) but they are cute for my less curvatious divas non-the-less. 

    I #died when I saw this fan  ring! SO expensive looking to be at target.. don't sleep ladies!

    I LOVE these snake print pointed pumps. Crazy story about these-I had these in my cart to buy ON CLEARANCE FOR ONLY $14, however they did not have a tag on them so I grabbed a smaller size to take to the register for the cashier to scan.  I gave her both pairs of shoes and she said to me "well you obviously want the ones without the tag on them right?" Yes..I said..Long story short, I got home and was very upset to find the wrong size in my bag. :( When I went back target the next morning to exchange them, they were all gone. Super sad :( but anyway, pointed toed shoes are a huge trend coming up for fall. I'll be posting more on this style in the coming weeks!

    What have you ladies grabbed from Targét lately?

    Sunday, October 7, 2012

    VintageCURVE Plus Size Vintage Apparel

    Boss of Beauty Vintage has just launched the first of its plus collection, VintageCURVE and I am so excited to bring this collection to my curvalicious divas! Check out the video and follow me on instagram @bossofbeauty for up-to-date releases of all my vintage pieces. Lastly, get your shop on at my store HERE :) Happy shopping boss ladies!

    My first sponsored product review!

    I'm moving on up ya'll! I was sent my first product to review- Platinum Needles from Princess Platinum. These pre-threaded pre-tied needles are said to promote sanitation during hair weaving. Check out my video:

    Tuesday, October 2, 2012

    OOTN: Saturday Night FEVER

    So I took myself out this weekend to a few events that I really was excited about. Fall is fastly approaching and Miami is known for being "in season" during winter, so there have been tons of events happening that I have been excited to attend! I knew I would be doing a ton of walking and attending a various scale of events, so I wanted to wear something that was fitting for the most casual and the most upscale venues I'd be attending.
    Top: Burlington Coat Factory, Bottoms: Conway, Bag: Thrifted, Shoes: Chernin's Chicago, Ring& Arm Candy:Arthur's Atlanta, Earrings Rainbow
    I paired my Zebra print sheer blouse by Gracia with Zebra striped skinny jeans for a fun look. I accessorized with a red and congac vintage Doony bag,  congac shooties, red lips and a red statement ring. I am a firm believer that you can find fashion anywhere, so with that being said, I shop EVERYWHERE! Don't limit yourself to brands or popular stores. Some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe have come from rinky dink mom and pop stores or seemingly "cheap" stores. It's all in how you wear it!

    I just love the way this blouse is cut!

    Monday, October 1, 2012

    I made my first BOB! 3/4 wig

    So I have been wanting to try a bob for a while now, and I never had the courage to cut my hair or get the duby to actually make one. Well after having my long virgin hair in for a while I decided to give my little neck a break from all this heat and try it out. Let me tell you, this process was so simple, anyone can do it. This was my first shot at it and I think I did a pretty good job!

    Friday, September 28, 2012

    Updates: Instagram, the Vintage Boutique, and Facebook

    Hey ya'll! I know I haven't been posting here as frequently as I'd like to, but that doesnt mean I am entirely out of the social scene! I spend tons of time on Instagram (@bossofbeauty) and I promise to try to do more to incorporate the pictures and content I post there on my blog. I post tons of inspirational quotes, recipes, fashion finds and items from my vintage store. Often times I'll post and outfit to instagram and it is sold before it ever reaches the web, so you def should hop on board so you don't miss out! Feel free to catch up by adding me below if you haven't already!

    Here's a few of my latest posts from instagram. It has been a pretty busy week for me there and I wanted to share with my blogger readers what has been happening!

     Fashion inspirations, Jeffery Campbell Mens shoes, quotes, recipes, and vintage items for sale!
     The cutest, most fab little boy ever. Preview to my next hair tutorial, pictures of me with big hair, ombre' lip tutorial, eyebrow shading techniques and other quotes!

    Brose my store to find tons of one of a kind, vintage items for divas of all sizes! Items are uploaded weekly so be sure to check back. Click the picture above or click SHOP  at the top of the page to be directed to the store.

    Lastly, add me on FB! The fan page can be accessed here.

    I look forward to connecting with all my ladies-- please give me a holler when you join/follow so I can follow you back :) Smooches**

    Tuesday, September 18, 2012

    Healthy Oven Kabobs

    I came up with this idea while trying figure out how to use a few bell peppers I'd bought in an unorthodox way. I usually make fajitas with my bell peppers, but since I am trying to rotate my diet and eating habits I tried something different. I have made kabobs on the grill before, but I don't have a grill here in Miami ;( so that option was out, but that didn't mean the idea of kabobs were!

    I dusted off my old (and hardly used) roasting pan for this quick, fun to
    make, easy and tasty meal. Prep time was about 30 minutes and cook time was 15-20 minutes.


    -1 pound of meat of your choice, cut into chunks
    (I used turkey, however chicken or steak works well too)
    -3 bell peppers in various colors
    -1 onion (I used red onion, yellow or white is fine)
    -your favorite marinade
    -kabob sticks

    1. Soak your kabob sticks in a pan of water for about an hour before assembling the kabobs. This keeps the wood from burning in the oven.

    2. Place your chunked meat in a ziplock bag and season with your favorite marinade. (I used a pesto sauce, however you could use Italian dressing, a basic vinaigrette or any other marinade of your choice. This is where you can get creative and add your own touch.)

    3. Place marinated meat in the fridge while preparing your veggies. Cut the peppers and onion into chunks about the size of your meat chunks.

    4. String meat and veggies on kabob sticks, adding a piece of meat then alternating peppers and onions. I like to have more veggies than meat on each kabob, but this is entirely up to you.

    5. Arrange assembled kabobs on roasting pan. Your roasting pan should have breathable slits allowing the meat to cool through without needing to be turned. It also should have a drip pan an inch or so beneath which will catch any fat from the meat.

    6. Cook on 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until meat is done. Serve with rice or alone with barbecue sauce.

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012

    Virgin Hair Review: Ali Express H&J Brazilian Wavy Hair with Big Curl

    My camera was doing the most, so sorry the video is a little fuzzy! I love this hair guys, and like I said I'll have tons of videos surrounding this hair, as I plan to keep it for a while :)

    Tuesday, August 14, 2012

    #10DaysofBeauty: Day Nine- My favorite healthy dish that doesn't seem healthy

    SO! As you guys know from the beginning of the #10daysofbeauty, I have been and still am on a weight loss journey. I've lost 90 pounds so far, and I plan to lose 25ish more, God willing! If you watched my weight lost journey video (if not you can watch it here), you will know that one of the things that really helped me go far was my new found passion for cooking. So with that, it's only right that I share one of my absolute FAV (and easy) recipes with you guys.

    Maple Glazed Chicken with Sweet Potatoes 

    What you'll need: 
    1 1/2 pounds sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into 1-inch pieces
    1 pound chicken tenders (I used two large chicken breasts, cut into strips)
    2 teaspoons steak seasoning (Find out how to make your own from scratch here)
    2 tablespoons olive oil
    1/2 cup maple syrup
     1/2 cup sliced green onions

    1. Place the sweet potatoes into a large pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and simmer until tender, about 20 minutes. Drain and allow to steam dry for a minute or two. Mash the potatoes, season with salt to taste and set aside.
    2. Pull fat off of chicken and cut into strips if using chicken breasts. Sprinkle chicken tenders with steak seasoning; heat the oil in a large skillet over medium heat, and cook the chicken tenders until the meat is lightly browned and no longer pink inside, 5 to 8 minutes per side. Remove the chicken, and set aside. Slice green onions vertically and set aside.

    3. Stir the maple syrup into the skillet, scraping up and dissolving any browned flavor bits from the skillet. Bring to a boil, simmer for 2 minutes, and stir in the green onions. To serve, place the mashed sweet potatoes onto a serving platter, top with the chicken tenders, and pour the maple sauce over the chicken.

    All of this goodness is only 441 calories per serving.. who said healthy eating couldn't be GOOD eating?! Enjoy!

    Friday, August 10, 2012

    #10daysofbeauty: Day Five- The Birth of Boss of Beauty

    I wanted to give an inside scoop on my vision for Boss of Beauty, finding your passions, and having fun with fashion. Enjoy!

    Wednesday, August 8, 2012

    #10daysofbeauty- Day Three: High Waist Swim Bottom Tutorial

    I was planning my 25th birthday cruise to Bahamas with my boo and  I couldn't find any cute swimsuits. The full on bikinis were too daring for my style, and the one-pieces all looked to mothery. I searched for months before deciding that I would just make my own.

    Then came the hardest part, getting the fabric, finding a cute pattern, and making the darn thing. I searched and searched and couldn't find anything that matched the vision in my head.  I wanted something sexy, yet flattering.. Something I could be comfortable in! As I was packing for the trip, I  came across these control-top panties that I forgot I owned, and a lightbulb went off!

    So this is so simple, it almost doesn't require a tutorial, but here goes :)

      1.     Find a pair of control top panties made out of lycra. Lycra/spandex is the same stuff swimsuits are made of. I just happened to have had one from when I was bigger laying around the house that worked perfectly. If you're going out to buy one, buy it a size larger so you don't feel like your actually girddle'd up lol..

      2.     Get some buttons. Again, I made these as I was packing to leave for my trip the next morning, so I used what I had. I found these sailor buttons at a fabric store in Chicago years ago, and I'm sure I paid less than a dollar for a whole cup full. 

      3.     Get needle and thread, or be lazy like me a use safety pins. I was sleepy, and I knew I would probably want to change/add buttons when I got a chance to find the perfect ones, so safety pins were a perfect solve and worked just fine.               

      4.     Position the buttons on your bottoms. I chose three buttons on each side, with the rustic in the middle. You can add more or less, depending on what look you want. I would suggest the buttons with the holes on the back instead of the ones that have the button hole through the entire button. It just looks better with bigger, sort of hanging buttons.

      5.     Safety pin/sew those suckers on, and you're done! I matched my bottoms with a red bikini top I got from Marshalls and gold accessories for a really cute sailor/wonderwoman look LOL. I got a TON of compliments on my swim suit and it was super easy (and cheap!) to make.

      Do you plan on making your own swim bottoms? What ideas has this inspired for you? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

      In Pearl Island, in Bahamas, New Providence  after snorkeling for my 25th Birthday.

      Sunday, August 5, 2012

      Boss of Beauty presents: #10daysofbeauty

      In celebration of the grand opening of the Boss of Beauty online store I am starting a campaign called 10 days of beauty. During these 10 days, I'll be posting all kinds of vlogs, reviews, tutorials, and testimonials about my life as a diva, my health, my hair, and my beauty secrets! Be sure to check back here and follow us on facebook to keep up with the daily dose of beauty!

      Tuesday, July 31, 2012

      Boss of Beauty Online Shoppe to Launch August 1, 2012

      Hello guys! After much debate, I have decided to take Boss of Beauty to the next level by creating an online storefront where my beauties can take part in all the fabulous treasures I find!

      Boss of Beauty Online is an online consignment shop that features designer, vintage, couture, atypical fashions and accessories for sizes 0-20. Here, you will find one-of-a-kind statement pieces to add to your wardrobe. BoBO is not for the casual, this store is for the divas that are not afraid to step out of fashion's box and dare to be different!

      Make sure to join our facebook page, follow us on twitter, polyvore, and pinterest for the latest additions and special offers!

      Monday, May 14, 2012

      Cat/ Diamond Nails!

      Hey ya'll! It's been a minute since I've posted and I hope you missed me as much as I missed you! I have been super busy moving into my FAB condo on Miami Beach :D and getting all unpacked and settled.. in the midst of that, I found an absolute GEM of a nail tech that will do anything I ask her to do.. I had been wanting to try out cat nails and never found anyone to do them, and when I mentioned them to her she was like LETS DO IT! So we came up with this crazy design that I absolutely LOVE. (note, she also cut the square nails I already had into the diamond shape and DIDNT charge extra for it.. she's the TRUTH)

      Sunday, March 18, 2012

      Fabulous Thrift Store Haul

      I found some awesome things from the thrift store the other day that I am so excited to add to my wardrobe! Everything was super cheap and super duper FAB. Check out the video! :)

      Money Saving Hair Tips!

      Tuesday, February 28, 2012

      Life as a Stylist: Marc Jacobs Photo Shoot

      I had the pleasure of working with friend and top photographer, Yachin Parham, on this amazing shoot. The concept was dark artistic nudity showcasing accessories, and I was the stylist!  This was my first photography gig as a stylist, but I've styled fashion shows and short film for years now. I'm super excited about the opportunities opening up for me here, and I LOVE the way the shots turned out. Here are a few of the shots, enjoy!

      Model: Alana Marie | Photo Credit: Yachin Parham

      Model: Alana Marie | Photo Credit: Yachin Parham

      Model: Alana Marie | Photo Credit: Yachin Parham